Another creative Billboard…

Another creative Billboard...tumblr_mjs78eHFVy1ql4moho2_500 (1)tumblr_mjs78eHFVy1ql4moho4_500tumblr_mjs78eHFVy1ql4moho5_500

This advert created in Amsterdam where a large man starts to undress with messages warning the public they will want to advertise here. The advertisement came to the UK at one point but as a viral post, it was featured on every blogging medium and gained a lot of interest here. The idea is quite creative, not only because it ensures attention, but the audience – passers by – will want to keep a look out for the space as they will be intrigued if he will go all the way or if someone will save them with an advertisement. Radio 2 snapped up the space just before the model takes off his underwear, saving the public of what could have been quite unsightly. The humour behind this is what awards it with its creativity along with the message at the end thanking Radio 2. In consumer minds positivity is related to Radio 2 and a much more memorable message received.


Epitome of creativity!

Definitely Eye Catching and very fun, this billboard has made use of its surroundings and plays with the idea that the suction is so powerful it can vacuum a whole car up the nozzle!