A Japanese biscuit brand advertised in a very creative way when they came to the UK. Humour was the key element here and was very effective. The humour was relate-able and was prolonged with the way the characters stared at each other, the ‘boss’ with the stern and confused face and then of course the lady with her embarrassed face exchanging looks then looking away makes the audience feel embarrassed too. It had an entertaining element which will make the audience remember the product. In addition to this the slogan is very fitting for the ad too so everything works perfectly!





The I AM NIKON campaign was definitely a creative thus memorable advertisement engaging with every medium possible and aimed to connect the brand’s heritage of professionalism, authenticity and innovation to an audience of aspiring photographers. It featured personal accounts of peoples lives in a form of photos captured with a Nikon and stating “I AM..” like the examples above. One of the most exhilarating ads was here the sheer extent of this campaign made it phenomenal with everybody joining via social media too with hashtags on twitter and youtube videos.

Another creative Billboard…

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This advert created in Amsterdam where a large man starts to undress with messages warning the public they will want to advertise here. The advertisement came to the UK at one point but as a viral post, it was featured on every blogging medium and gained a lot of interest here. The idea is quite creative, not only because it ensures attention, but the audience – passers by – will want to keep a look out for the space as they will be intrigued if he will go all the way or if someone will save them with an advertisement. Radio 2 snapped up the space just before the model takes off his underwear, saving the public of what could have been quite unsightly. The humour behind this is what awards it with its creativity along with the message at the end thanking Radio 2. In consumer minds positivity is related to Radio 2 and a much more memorable message received.

Epitome of creativity!

Definitely Eye Catching and very fun, this billboard has made use of its surroundings and plays with the idea that the suction is so powerful it can vacuum a whole car up the nozzle!


Fairy have always played with the creativity on how to put across the products benefits and reasons to buy Fairy Liquid. Past advertisements have drilled into consumer minds that fairy protects their hands during washing up and ensures glistening clean dishes. They have used many relatable situations in their ads and always used a “Mum” and a child scenario. Their latest claim is exemplified through the saying “I hardly ever buy fairy liquid” which makes consumers confident that they are buying something worth their money. The theme here that fairy play with is consistent advertising where the message is repeated but in various form and scenarios.

Kent Cigarette Advertisements

Kents Micronite filter advertising creatively through repetition of songs, slogans, and words including “best” and “good taste”. The films made for the advertisements portrays life’s situations and includes humour. Particular attention was always paid to how satisfying the cigarettes are.

Adverts even try changing consumer behaviour by asking them to try a carton of Kent and then trying their preferred cigarette to see how bad the taste is in comparison.

“If it doesn’t …

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”
-David Ogilvy